7 comments on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

  1. Great blog post! I’ve learned to look to Christ in times of worry! By doing so not only am I able to find peace, I am able to find positives in what originally appeared to be a negative in my life at some point and time. I became a blogger because I found that me perspectives during times of worry has been a great help to others seeking ways to endure and find peace during trials.


    • @dtann75,
      Wow! Thanks for the comment, the very first on this blog. It’s amazing the fulfillment we stand to experience when we help others with the same help we ourselves have received.

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  3. Your blog is inspiring. I really needed to read this post, as I have been worrying too much recently. I feel like I can make a conscious decision today to not worry and be happy! When I worry I pray, talk to someone I love or go for a nice long walk outside.

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