4 comments on “When Life Makes No Sense . . .

    • Hi Glory, thanks for the comment and you’re absolutely right. Support, encouragement and assistance from friends and family during challenging times definitely helps a lot. From healing wounds, hastening recovery to bouncing back with more courage and confidence.

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  1. Hey Sonnie! Thanks for this post, and I agree with so much of what you’ve written. The storms definitely don’t last and it certainly is during the hard parts that we learn the most about who we are… and who we’re becoming. Or, as one of my favourite songs says, “…it’s the rain that makes us grow.” The only thing I would challenge would be that idea of finding strength in reasons outside ourselves, be it our parents or children or whatever, as I don’t think it’s enough. Not only, but if we make others the reason I believe it will eventually lead to resentment of those same people. Strength has to come from somewhere else… just my thoughts. Happy blogging!

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    • Jessica, thanks for the comment. Your idea of finding strength from within ourselves is perfectly right and I acknowledge that my list may not have been that exhaustive. I appreciate this contribution.

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