4 comments on “The Best Things

  1. I always think that. I have always done it but now? NO! Finally I landed my dream job in May. I wanted that since I was 15. And than? I got ill during training. I had a surgery. Two months after no weight bearing another news ” your surgery failed “. And again…another surgery…an hip replacement . Why? Didn’t I deserve that job? I’m still trying to make sense to that phrase

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    • Thanks spicepinkie for the comment, I sincerely appreciate it. I can only but picture in my mind the extent of what you’re going through right now. And honestly, it would only take someone in your shoes to deeply feel and understand your emotions, pains and curiosity. But let me lend you a bit of encouragement from my personal experience. I’ve come to learn that it’s either of two things when ‘bad things’ happen to me. Either, I’m being saved from even a worse situation or I’m being prepared to handle a far greater success. Whichever the case, it’s all for my good and in my best interest! Like you, I landed a dream job after series of interview only to be told at the last minute before resumption that the agency is pulled out of the deal with the company for some​ policy reasons. Did I really feel disappointed? Yes, of course! But I’m not moved at all because I know everything that’s happened is working ‘together’ for my own good. And I believe it’s the same for you too; you will smile in the end when all the dots are fully connected. Take heart!

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      • I hope is like you said, like I’ve always thought

        1 – There must be a reason if this happened and I will find that reason out in the near future.
        2 – Something Bigger is about to happen.
        3 – If something like this has happened to me is because I could handle it and because it will make me stronger.

        Of course, when something ” Bad ” like health issue ( I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis in June ) happens , to be honest, I really, really need to push myself to understand that something bigger will really happen .

        Ah and btw… I’m still fighting for my dream job 😉 And they are taking me back to training in a month…

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