11 comments on “Work In Progress…Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself!

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  2. This was one of the most amazinntgly touching post I have read. I needed to hear this message. I came here via Jacqueline’s link up. I wanted to show you support. And I got a message too! One that touched me so much I am reblogging it. I am now following you so I will get your current stuff from now on. 🙂 I will be back to visit longer for a more in-depth look at your blog. Happy blogging…..Annette

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  3. Reblogged this on Annette's place and commented:
    I found this blog through a link up and was so delighted to come across this. I found it very inspirational. Good, thoughts on struggles and pain. I hope you like it to and it gives you the inspiration it gave me.

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  4. My Dad used to say, You have to wade through the rubbish to get to the good stuff. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. All really mean the same thing, the only place exhaustion comes before work is in the dictionary. I like your post very much, today you reminded me of my Dad, his values, and wisdom and the hole he left that will not be filled.

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