“One is too small a number to achieve greatness, you cannot do anything of real value alone.” – John C. Maxwell

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F O L A   O’  M A R T I N S


Fola is a christian who loves God with every beat of her heart. A wife and mother of two who walked through the valley of the shadow of fertility challenges but came out victoriously strong with a message of hope. As a talented and multi-skilled entrepreneur, she is currently growing her Cakes & Desserts station business. Fola writes from her heart with great clarity and her message is this simple; there is hope for your future. To engage or for more of her works, please visit:

Facebook page: openpleasures
Instagram: openpleasures
Twitter: @openpleasures


E L S I E   B O W E N – D O D O O

Elsie loves writing (poetry mostly) as well as her furry friends! After all, dog is man’s best friend. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely to be found in a lab conducting experiments based on Materials Science. Writing to Elsie is an escape to share her experiences with others. Her reward from this is being able to inspire people to fulfill their purposes on this earth. Check out Elsie’s works at

Instagram: @bowen.e_
Twitter: @thebowendiaries



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